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Saturday, October 15, 2016

About Little Precious Stitch

About us

classics inspired modern designs. baby clothing and accessories

1. When did you learn crocheting and knitting?

My mother taught me crocheting when I was in primary school. I made charms and pencil cases to give away to my friends then. During my college year, I learned knitting from a craft shop owner and YouTube. However, I left the hobby aside for many years and picked them up when I was pregnant with my daughter. And I have never stopped since.

2. What inspired you to start Little Precious Stitch?

I started designing patterns when I was pregnant. I want to shower my dear baby with dainty clothing and accessories purposely designed for her. This blog is established as a platform to share the timeless classical designs with modern flair. 

3. Tell us about your designing process.

I am inspired by many things, the colours of the yarn, the nature and simply everything around me. I like to incorporate classical stitch such as cable into my designs. Seaming is a nightmare for me, and it can take ages for me to seam pieces together. I love seamless patterns, so all of my sweater pattern (well as for now) are constructed in a way to minimize or avoid seaming.

I like to decide which decorative motif I want to incorporate in my design first. Next, I would consider how to incorporate the stitch into a design’s construction. I also like to make my patterns customized to the liking of crafters. Therefore, I add variations such as different hemming methods or cuff designs in the pattern.

4. What is your favourite yarn to work with?

As a person from a tropical county, I prefer natural fibre like 100% cotton or yarn with a high percentage of cotton. For baby clothing, I prefer thinner yarn, like DK and sports. It feels more delicate overall in comparison with thicker yarn.                                                                                        Do you have other obsessions aside from yarn crafting?

Absolutely! I love coffee, Japanese craft books, hand lettering, bullet journaling, and I’m learning sewing baby clothing. I guess I don't have the patience to make adult clothing. LOL!

5. How do you find time to crochet and knit?

To find ‘me’-time for crafting is hard for a mom who works full-time is hard, I have to admit. Waking up early (for me 6sm) and pre-planning in my bullet journal help tremendously. I usually indulge in knitting, crocheting, and pattern write-up when the baby naps and in midnights.

6. What camera are you using?

I don't own a fancy camera. I just use my iPhone SE to snap all photos. Emil Parkalis shares tonnes of tips on how to snap photos like a pro on

More questions you want to ask? Want to know more about Little Precious Stitch? Just comment below. =)

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