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Saturday, September 17, 2016

What I've learnt after 3 months of Bullet Journaling

Hi pals. How have you guys been? Well, I've been busy with family, work and customed orders at Little Precious Stitch. I'll list on Ravelry and Etsy after I complete the orders. 

Front cover with my favourite font.

But anyway, today's topic is about bullet journaling or BuJo in short. I first discovered BuJo in early June this year, and I was extremely thrilled I've found a system suits me, after failing the ordinary planner system, which is too rigid for me.

And in August and early September, I had what Boho Berry mentioned in her vlog 'planning slump' as I was simply lazy to plan and busy with my work and family stuffs. 

Then earlier this week, it came to my mind that avoiding planning when one's busy would probably make the busyness more crazy. So, here I am BuJoing again with a brand new notebook (my third notebook actually) I bought a while ago.

It's a cheap dot gridded notebook I bought online. There is a ribbon bookmark, a back pocket and an elastic closure. I've never tried any branded ones but I think mine is of reasonable quality though the elastic closure is a little loose. I don't use fountain pen. However, I think there might be ghosting ghosting is you use a heavy inked pen. 

Evolution of my bullet journal:

  • more minimalist style compared to when I first started bullet journaling
  • use a vertical Dutch door system for monthly and weekly logs
  • use conventional monthly log date system, than a calendar look log
  • progress tracker for my goals
  • colouring and wash taping for weekly and monthly logs, respectively

With this new notebook, I incorporate Dutch door system. I was stoked when I discovered this system on Pinterest (can't remember the webpage). I think part of the reasons for my planning slump is my notes and dailies are scattered all over the notebook and I couldn't bear the messiness. This system would work perfectly for me as I can write notes after pages spared for the weekly and daily logs. 

I use the vertical Dutch door system for both my monthly and weekly logs. 

Monthly spread with calendar on the left

Monthly spread with goals on the right, and there's a fold for expense tracker

For the monthly spread, left page is for calendar and right page is for goals. In the middle, there is a sheet for habit tracker and expenses tracker on respective page.

Fold in the middle of the monthly spread, first for the habit tracker

Rolling week with goals, to-dos, and habit tracker on the left

Rolling week with dailies folded

This week, I use rolling week system introduced by Jessica from prettyprintsandpaper, as I started the weekly log halfway through the week. I really like the rolling week system for weeks when I don't have all dailies to fill in. Bew\tween, I also like to write Bible verses on my dailies, during my Bible reading (part of my morning routines).

Next week, I'll set up a full week with left page for my weekly log and right page for weekly goals. The daily logs are on the folded sheets. So basically my set up is like the horizontal Dutch door system but instead of cutting the pages I fold them, for more space to write. 

There're many collections like prayer list, master to-do lists are yet to be transferred and filled up. 

How's your BuJo going? What do you use your bullet journal for? How has BuJoing changed your life? What are your collections?

I'll be very happy to listen to your comments. Till then, bye and see you again!