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Friday, May 1, 2015

Test knitting #2

I'm very lucky to have done the test knitting for Angela. The pathway scarf is classic and timeless. Love the asymmetrical and cable! The pattern is very well written. I just had to read the pattern occasionally to make sure that I make cables in the right row. I knitted it by holding two strands of DK wool-blend yarn together and knit with a 5mm circular needle. I think I tend to knit loose most of the time.

Actually, I've finished knitting this scarf in early February. Yes, almost three months ago! But I've been unlucky to have a lovely sunny day to block it. Today, it's sunny, and I can't stand looking at the unblocked piece anymore. So, I soaked it in some warm water and body shampoo, rinsed it and blocked it. It looks so much nicer now. I shall keep it for the coming winter!

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