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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Baby Amigurumi Mouth Embroidery Tutorial

As promised, here is the mini tutorial, which I think you might already known. Anyway, I'm happy to share as I was suddenly inspired after failing to stitch a nice mouth for that baby amigurumi.


1. Draw a mouth on a piece of paper.
2. Place the paper on the amigurumi's face and adjust the shape and size until you're satisfied with it.
3. Once you're happy with your drawing, pin the paper on its face and start embroidering (I used 4 strands of pink sewing thread I didn't have embroidery floss) like this great tutorial by nerdigurumi.

That's it! And the mouth is done, without any wicked look! LOL.

By the way, I made felt eyes following this awesome tutorial by freshstitches. As I didn't have black felt, I colored the white felt with black marker pen, haha!

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